When seeking out event space rental do not limit yourself to event space rentals. Think outside the box and consider different types of venues even if they are not advertising as a space for events. Depending on what you need the space for, you can consider a large warehouse, historical location, or even outside. A filming studio in Los Angeles, CA would make for an interesting and unique choice, for example.

No matter where you decide to hold your event there are a few basic things that you should consider. In order to book a space or location for your get-together, you need to get a head count, so you know how much space you will need and if your venue will even have enough room for all of your guests.

Parking is another detail that you do not want to overlook. You will want to find out if the venue you are going with has enough parking for all of your guests. If not, you will need to consider another alternative such as having your guests park somewhere else and use a taxi service or Uber or Lyft to transport your guests. You could even ask about getting a special discount code for all of your guests. It is likely that they will do this since you will be giving their company a lot of business.

Does the venue you are considering have a kitchen or will there be catering provides? Often a venue will waive the fee for the facility and charge a down payment in addition to the cost of the food for each guest. If there is no kitchen available, you will want to ask if the venue has any affiliation with a food provider and for what discount. You do not have to go this route, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. You can always supply your own food or catering company. You may need to provide tables and chairs if the venue does not supply them. If you do not want to get stuck cleaning up after the party, you may want to hire a cleaning crew. You can also have them set up the decorations and handle any other details that need attention as well, so you can focus on other things like being a good-mannered host.

Layout is another detail that can often get overlooked, but it is an important one. You want to avoid having guests seated right next to the restroom or right next to the loud music or band, for example, so you will want to consider things like that when chairs and tables are set up.

Do not forget the mood. Decide what you want the mood to be and decorate and use lighting accordingly. If you have disabled attendees, make sure that you take them into consideration and be sure to book your venue well in advance. You will want to give yourself at least 4-6 months so that you have time to plan and arrange everything.